Types of Vision Quests

Types of Vision Quests


You might experience dreams every night when you go to sleep, but visions are a totally different experience! Visions can happen at any time and often happen in pivotal moments in our lives or when we need to learn something about the world or our journey.

Visions are an important part of Indigenous culture because of the valuable lessons they teach. As I mentioned, vision quests often teach us important lessons and connect us with the spirit world and the Creator

Many people experience visions but are not sure what type of vision they are having!

Visions can occur for anyone at any time and are specific to the person experiencing them. However, there are a few common types of vision quests to know about that might help you determine what type of visions you are having!


A right of passage vision quest occurs when a child is ready to transition into adulthood. This is an important step that often bonds children even closer with the Creator.

This type of vision is a spiritual journey in which young people receive sacred knowledge and strength from the spirit world. This creates an important connection between the participant, the Creator, and nature because it teaches us about our journey and our place in the world.

This type of vision also encourages us to think deeply about ourselves, our goals, and our place in the world so that we can transition into adulthood successfully and with purpose.

This vision quest is a defining moment on the journey from child to adult.



This type of vision does not just occur during our youth; it can occur at any time and especially during times of uncertainty or strife.

A spirit animal or guide is a kind of teacher or messenger that can come to us in visions in the shape of an animal. If you’ve ever felt a special attraction or connection to an animal, that animal might be your spirit animal! 

If you often see a certain type of animal in visions, you might be experiencing communication from your spirit guide. The spirit animal enhances our connection to the world around us and the spirit world by teaching us different lessons about ourselves and our environment.

The spirit animal chooses us, so a vision might be your spirit animal's way of presenting itself to you! Creating a bond with your spirit animal through your vision quest will allow your spirit animal to offer you guidance, protection, power, or wisdom.

Some of us experience many different spirit animals or guides over the course of our lives and each gives us unique sacred knowledge. 


Vision quests involving symbolism are often the spirit world’s way of guiding us down a particular path. 

Many people experience visions of specific symbols that are meant to help steer them in the right direction -- perhaps during a time of turmoil, confusion, or personal struggle. When we feel lost, symbols can give us a clue as to what path we should be on or how we should become more connected with the Spirit world and the Creator in order to feel more at peace.

If you are seeing a recurring symbol or symbols in your visions, it is probably trying to tell you something!

There are many types of vision quests and obviously each one is different, but these are three of the most common types of vision quests. Hopefully you can now match YOUR visions to one of these quests so you will know how to better interpret your visions and open yourself up to the lessons, knowledge, or connections your vision is trying to guide you toward!

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  • rhonda Dalton

    I have done spirit quest a couple of times the first time I saw talons grasping at something and the next nothing happened but iam a dog lover expecialally German shepherds, Huskies, but I love wolves I always think of them they animal I think of a list once a day if I could own I would love too but that isn’t fair to them they need their freedom to run wild. As long as hunters leave them alone don’t kill them needlessly

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