REAL Smudging Side Effects

REAL Smudging Side Effects

What are the side effects of smudging with sage?

If you’re a beginner at smudging with sage, and wondering if there are any side effects to sage or smudge, this is for you! 

The SIDE EFFECTS of smudging with sage from the most common to the least common side effects that you might experience during or after using sage to smudge:


#1 Heightened Sense of Awareness

  • What heightened sense of awareness means is you feel hyper aware of your surroundings or more alert - this is one of the most common side effects that I experience personally
    • If you’re experiencing a heightened sense of awareness its like you’re more conscious, your senses are working better (meaning visually, auditory, higher sense of smell - you know all the senses) 
  • An extreme, unwanted, or unexpected version of this is described as a weird feeling - “it made me feel weird”… 
  • Why you might experience heightened sense of awareness during or after smudging is because sage is proven to cause this because it is powerful sacred medicine and thats what it does, there is other scientific evidence to this which you can learn more about in this video right here 
  • What should you do if if you experience heightened sense of awareness - maybe use it to be productive, and set good intentions for yourself - that’s why a good time to smudge is in the morning so it can make you start your day off in a good way


#2 Getting hot while you’re using Sage to Smudge

  • When I say that smudging with sage can make you feel hot … what i mean is you could feel physically warm - to the point where youre getting sweaty and uncomfortable
  • Why you might experience warmth during or after smudging is because your BURNING sage - you are handing fire - which is HOTTTT - so for that reason alone, yes you’re going to be feeling the heat from the flame itself! 
    • You’ll also be feeling the heat from the bowl and the smoke - so getting hot and sweaty is very common - you're not alone
  • What to do if you’re feeling really hot when you smudge is - take heavy clothes off open up doors and windows
    • You might also be feeling really hot if it's your first time smudging just because you're nervous - which i promise you will go away in time as you get more comfortable with it.


#3 A Deep Sense of Calm

  • What a deep Sense of calm means is at peace, or soothed.
  • An extreme, unwanted, or unexpected version of high sense of calm is that it is so calming that you feel sleepy.
  • Why you might experience a deep Sense of calm during or after smudging is because sage is a very soothing medicine on its own - and when you BURN sage which is what smudging is, naturally inspires the feeling of calmness.
  • What to do if you experience a deep Sense of calm - don’t worry about it, enjoy it.


#4 Feeling Light Headed

  • When I say that smudging with sage can make you feel light headed, in extreme cases your lightheadedness can result in feeling dizziness or even nauseous 
  • I’ve heard this several times from people when I smudged before.
  • Why you might experience this during or after smudging is because your smudging in a small room indoors, there is no air circulation and its too smokey 
  • What to do if you experience hot or light headedness, open up doors and windows, or smudge outside. I tell you smudging outside versus inside is very very different experience


#5 Feeling Intensely Emotional

  • What I mean by more EMOTIONAL is if the smudging experience triggered certain thoughts and feelings that made you feel anything
    • Emotions are exactly ‘what you feel’ so if you’re feeling all the feelings then that means you're getting emotional 
  • An unexpected version of feeling more or intensely emotional is that your smudging with sage is makes you cry 
    • Note that the sage isn't making you cry - the experience is effecting your inner emotions because its forcing you to connect with those emotions that maybe you been neglecting potentially.
  • Why you might experience more emotional  during or after smudging is because smudging is a spiritual practise, and our spiritual being is deeply connected to our emotions - so it's only natural that this would occur.
  • What to do if you experience more emotions than you want. Maybe that is a sign that you need focus more energy on your emotional state of being - and you can do this more by smudging more.


#6 Underwhelm or Disappointment

  • What I mean by underwhelm or disappointment is if you were expecting something and your smudging experience did not measure up to what you expected - resulting in disappointment
  • An extreme version of the disappointment could cause you to feel frustrated or angry and have very negative associations with smudging with sage
  • Why you might experience underwhelm or disappointment during or after smudging is because you potentially set unrealistic expectations for what smudging with sage would do
  • What to do if you experience underwhelm or disappointment is to FOCUS ON your intentions.


#7 EXTREME levels of Intrigue 

  • What I mean is feeling very intrigued with doing more smudging, spiritual practicing, learning more about Indigenous cultural practises so that you can continue the experience 
  • An extreme or unwanted version of this intrigue could be obsessed - which believe it or not I have seen this before. Which I don’t think is unwanted unless is has negative affects on your relationships, where your family doesn’t like your fascination with smudging with sage
  • Why you might experience high levels of intrigue  during or after smudging is because it is a very powerful intention practise - and doing so intentionally can help you heal, can help you feel more in touch with yourself - more connected to yourself spiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally. 



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