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        Moccasins in Canada

        Native Gifts

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          • April 09, 2020 Cultural Traditions of Native American Hunting & Gathering 🦌🍓🌽UPDATED April 2020
            Cultural Traditions of Native American Hunting & Gathering  🦌🍓🌽UPDATED April 2020

            From the beginning, Native American peoples had many ways of getting food, the techniques usually depended on their tribe and area. The methods include hunting, trapping, fishing, gathering and farming. Primarily the males would go out to hunt and the women would then clean the animal, prepare it for cooking, storing, and for other resources. 

            Ever wondered why hunting and gathering traditions are so important to native American people? The indigenous people of North America have a strong history of native hunting and gathering that is crucial and vital to each tribe and nation across turtle island. Indigenous hunting is different across the world, and native American hunting and fishing is deeply ingrained in the culture of First Nations people in Canada and the United States.

          • March 06, 2020 Learn How To Make a Traditional Dreamcatcher
            Learn how to make a dreamcatcher step-by-step, with beads and feathers.
          • March 05, 2020 Significance of the Native American Headdress


            Significance of the Native American Headdress


            If you are wanting to learn about the headdress, the Native American headdress is a truly important symbol of the Native American culture. But what makes the native headdress so significant? Watch this video to find or why indigenous chiefs wear the headdress on their heads, and other uses of the Indigenous headdress other than a chief's head. You may try to find teachings on the American Indian headdress by searching for the first nation's headdress, the pow wow headdress, or the first nation's headdress, but all of these are synonymous with what this beautiful symbol of Indigenous culture represents.

          • October 24, 2019 Meaning of the DREAMCATCHER (Legends, Symbols, and Purpose of the Dream Catcher)
            Have you wondered what the meaning of the dreamcatcher is? These beautiful pieces of artwork called the dream catcher - have many stories, legends, and purposes that make them a very important symbol of the Native American people. Watch this video to find out how to use a dream catcher and the meaning of a dreamcatcher. If you have always wanted to learn about how First Nations people symbolize the indigenous dreamcatcher, or maybe wonder the connection of the dream catcher and Halloween, you'll see what the 5 main components of this dream catcher are. Other native symbols, specifically native American symbols and meanings can be learned at our website We offer a huge selection of moccasins, mukluks and native gifts. Our indigenous lifestyle products including moccasins in Canada can be found by visiting Tribal Trade Co in Curve Lake First Nation or ordered online at