Meanings of the Spirit Animal: The Hummingbird

The hummingbird represents joy, and the perseverance of positivity through negativity. It represents the compassion in the things that you do. The hummingbird represents optimism and a playful outlook on life. The hummingbird is a strong independent spirit, and has the ability to adapt effectively to situations.

The hummingbird is a beautiful small bird that is awe-inspiring. It is fascinating because of the way it flies with grace in interesting ways: backwards and travels great distances. It moves swiftly, and changes its direction smoothly yet quickly.

If you are to see a hummingbird, it is a sign to enjoy life’s simple things and take pleasure in them. If you spot a hummingbird it is to remind you to love the lightness in your emotional life, you’re encouraged to open up and embrace the joys presented to you. The hummingbird may also come to you and tell you to show more affection to your loved ones.


Also, because of the hummingbird’s adaptability, it may suggest that you should accommodate your path in life to upcoming circumstances. But the hummingbird emphasizes strong flexibility and lightness in your approach to unexpected events. Stay light-hearted and you’re apt to succeed.

If the hummingbird is your totem or spirit animal, you may have developed a strong adaptability and you are fast to respond to sudden demands with ease. You also have a high sensibility and feel subtle differences in your surroundings, sounds or expressions.

This is good and may also be bad in some situations. It may lead to emotional instability because you are trying to adapt to your surroundings. On a positive note, you can easily make yourself happy and dispel negativity. You have the will to lift up your mood, and bringing you back to enjoy the simple things in life. And remember that even though the hummingbird is of the smallest birds, it is a striking and sensational bird that is capable of traveling great distances!

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