Meaning of the DREAMCATCHER (Legends, Symbols, and Purpose of the Dream Catcher)

Have you ever wondered what the real meaning of the dreamcatcher is? Many people have dreamcatchers hanging from their car mirror, from the windows in their homes, from their purses, and they really don't know what the dreamcatcher stands for. That's okay. But if you've ever wondered what that beautiful piece of artwork really represents and what the different pieces of it actually mean, then keep on watching.

There are five main parts that represent and make up what a dreamcatcher is and what it's meaning really represents. I'll break down the five main components of the dreamcatcher, so you will understand exactly what a dreamcatcher is. So the next time that you want to select one or someone asks you what a dreamcatcher is, you'll know all the answers. The first thing to note is that dreamcatchers may originate with the indigenous people.



However, today they are seeing all over the world and might be claimed to have been originated from other parts of the world, and that's okay. Different tribes and different cultures might have different meanings of what the dreamcatcher represents, and that's okay too. The meaning of the dreamcatcher that we're talking about today is the indigenous people of Canada, specifically the Anishinaabe teachings of the dreamcatcher.

The first identifier of a dreamcatcher is that, of course, they are round.

Dreamcatchers are usually made with a wood hoop or some sort of pliable material. Authentic dreamcatchers made from our ancestors were made of red willow and like a lot of things in the Anishinaabe culture, the circle represents the circle of life. That is very, very important to Anishinaabe people, because circles are the center of everything, as the circle of life is deeply ingrained in all of the teachings and all of the stories. It signifies that there is no real end or beginning. Life is continuously going around in a circle.

The second component of a dreamcatcher is that they have a web.

Now this web can be made with either a net or thread. Sometimes you see dreamcatchers made with colorful string and that's where the artist is expressing their artistic ability and their personality, and that's also great. The web is used to catch the bad dreams from coming through when the person is sleeping, but at the same time to allow the good dreams to come through.

The third identifier or significance of the dreamcatcher is that they have stones or gems of some sort weaved into the web.

These are to represent the spider that has created the web. The teaching behind this is that the nightmares actually get caught in spider's web. And She, the spider, is the web weaver. You will see various dreamcatchers made by different artists that might have more stylishly designed gems and stones on there, or more natural plain looking gems, and it's just a matter of preference that the designer wants their dreamcatchers to have.

One isn't better than the other. It's just how the designer wants their dreamcatcher to look and feel.


The fourth part of the dreamcatcher is that you'll notice that most dreamcatchers have feathers hanging from the circle.

It is said that the feathers that are hanging from the bottom of the circle can allow the good dreams to be caught in the spider's web and have a passage through the feathers to the person that is sleeping below it.

The fifth fun fact about dreamcatchers is that they are beautiful creations

of course, that come in many different styles, and sizes, and designs and that they're primarily used to ward off nightmares. The nightmares that are caught up in the web are then said to be burned up by the morning light. But as we know, the good dreams are let through the web, down the feathers to the undisturbed sleeping person.

That's the core significance of the dreamcatcher and the meaning behind it, and all of the five different components of the dreamcatcher. But of course, there are not just uses of having it hanging in your window to protect you from nightmares. dreamcatchers also are a huge symbol for the indigenous culture, and are widely used with different native gifts, jewelry, accessories, etc, such as earrings. Many people, indigenous or non-indigenous like to wear dreamcatcher jewelry, accessories or whatever, because they are obviously beautiful pieces of artwork.

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  • Deborah Robinson Ott

    Loved your explanation of the dream catcher. I have quite a few in my home , above my bed, loveseat and give them as gifts. My grandchildren to help them sleep.

  • Debra Johnson

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your insights and the commentary of all guests here. I was 🤔 wondering if anyone had the experience of seeing the image of a stern face, almost frightening if not for the fact that I have a comfortable relationship with our Divine Creator.

  • Paulette L Costa

    I was given a Dream Catcher by my Daughter in Law who just lost her Mother a few months ago. The Mom was a very very good card reader so good that I wouldn’t have her read my cards. Occasionally she would make little comments when I was in her company and I could relate to what she said.

  • carol Mclean -Bowers

    Love them all, when my granddaughter was 5 she had bad dreams that scared her , so I got her a dream -catcher to hang above her bed, and ever since that no more bad dreams, she is now 31, many , many thanks.

  • Zoe Campos

    Thanks for helping me understand that dream catchers come in all sorts of styles, designs, and sizes. I know nothing about them but my sister really wants one for her bedroom. I’m really hoping that I can buy one that will perfectly match her Bohemian-themed room.

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