Meaning of the Dreamcatcher

Meaning of the Dreamcatcher

There are many stories behind the meaning and tradition of the dream catcher. The most common meaning of the dream catcher, originating from the Native American Ojibwe tribe, is that it filters the bad dreams away, protecting you from evil and negativity.



Traditionally, Native American dream catchers were a few inches in diameter, finished with leather webbing, and a feather hanging from ring of the dream catcher.

Ojibwe people believe that the night air is full of dreams good and bad. The dream catcher was created to capture the all dreams and filter out the bad ones. The legend of the dream catcher is to only let the good in and protect ourselves from evil. The good dreams find their way through the center of the circle while the bad get caught and with the first sign of daylight they disappear.

Dream catchers were hung above baby’s cradles to protect them, and helping them sleep as they get mesmerized by the swaying of the feathers. Larger dreams catchers were hung at the head of the household to allow good dreams and thoughts throughout the family.

All the materials used to decorate the dream catcher have their own meanings:

  • single bead represents the spider that is on the web where Nokomis (grandmother) got her idea of the magical web. Many contemporary dream catchers use different styles of beads to act as the center piece.
  • Scattered beads throughout the web represent all the good dreams that have been caught through the nights. This style is often displayed with multiple colors that shine beautifully when the light hits them.
  • Hanging feathers represent breath or air which is usually attached to the ring. Some dream catchers use many feathers while others have only one.The ring of the dream catcher stands for giizis (sun) that travels each day across the sky. The circle also represents life that is essential to the anishnaabe culture. Rings of many sizes are used depending to create dream catchers, so that we can display them in many places throughout our lives.




Story telling has been passed down through many generations this is how the message continues to be passed on to future generations in many different variations. It all ends with the dream catcher helping you sleep easy and bringing you harmony.


    • Rip

      With good charges an cleanings an gifted with good intentions an personalized an ways of the gods will make water pure aging believe in the ways of the gods an you shall interface life’s imagination to make a difference ✨️ 🙏 😊

    • Helena

      My mother would suffer from terrible nightmares and sleep paralysis. She heard from a friend that dream catchers helped her son after suffering for years. My mother bought maybe 10 dream catchers and hung it all over her room, while it did help a little, it wasn’t enough. So I decided to make her one myself, I thought to add to her collection. She hasn’t had a nightmare or a sleep paralysis episode since. I later learned that in order for these to work, they have to be gifted. She has since given me dream catchers as well and I haven’t had any nightmares either. Dream catchers are the perfect gift to your loved ones!

    • Vera Moore

      My daughter gave me a beautiful Dream Catcher for Christmas. She heard me speak of the Dream Catcher but had no idea how the absolute positive effect it has on me. While holding it in my hands, I called my daughter to thank her. I could feel the pain in my hands lessen. As I prayed to each circle and the feathers each held I could feel the peace of body and sole.

    • Sandra Poytress

      Those are beautiful meanings described here! I never knew the different versions and I love them all. I wish my dream catcher would do a much better job at filtering out my not so nice dreams but alas, my brain decides what is going on! I shall undertake to upgrade my dream catcher the next time I’m in your store :) (oh by the way, the link from facebook is broken)

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