How to Heal Using Smudging (Smudge to Heal Self Worth)

How to Heal Using Smudging (Smudge to Heal Self Worth)


Smudging has been used by First Nations and Indigenous people around the world for centuries as a means of cleansing the mind, body, and spirit. At Tribal Trade Co., we have helped thousands of people to find sacred medicines that help them to heal themselves and overcome feelings of self-doubt. 

Smudging can be a powerful tool, and when used correctly, can help you to move beyond trauma towards a more peaceful, self-confident future. Your past can help you to grow, and when you smudge with the intention of healing, you will find yourself feeling renewed and re-strengthened for the path ahead. Here’s how it works: 



1. Develop Awareness

When you smudge with the intention of overcoming some kind of trauma, the first step is to allow yourself to be aware of the pain you feel. Being in touch with the trauma you want to heal from will help your smudging be more targeted, allowing you to more quickly access the emotions that you want to work on. 


2. Accept the Past

As you think of your past while you smudge, it is very important to fully acknowledge and accept that the things that you have experienced really did happen. It can be difficult to fully engage with uncomfortable emotions, but if you can’t accept what happened, you won’t be able to move past it. 

Acceptance doesn’t mean being happy about what has occurred, but it does mean that you are allowing yourself to put those events behind you and begin the healing process. 



3. Be Compassionate

While you are smudging and thinking about your past, be compassionate and gentle with yourself. Try to avoid self-criticism or the contemplation of ‘what ifs’ and focus instead on allowing yourself to process your emotions. 


4. Forgive Yourself and Others

Whether you feel it consciously or not, it can be easy to harbor resentment towards ourselves - we are, after all, our own worst critics. 

While you burn your sacred medicines, think of releasing the pain of the past and forgiving not only those that have hurt you, but also forgiving yourself.


5. Carry Positivity With You

Once your medicines have gone out and the smudging ritual is complete, it is important to try to carry the same state of mind and energy with you as you go about your day. One smudging session isn’t going to cure you of all of your woes or make you forget your past, but it can be the first step towards building self-worth and healing from pain and trauma. Continue smudging and repeating these steps as you recall old memories and process new feelings, and you’ll soon begin to experience relief.  

Remember, smudging is an aromatic experience, so each time you get a whiff of sage or sweetgrass on your clothing or in your home, allow yourself to be reminded of the healing journey you are on. 

Learn more about smudging and its importance to the Indigenous culture by downloading our free smudging guide! You can also find more information and smudging supplies by visiting the Tribal Trade Co. website

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