Jeans, boots, purse, scarf and jacket

What to Wear with Rain Boots this Spring!

Rain boots do not only come in gloomy greens and bright yellows anymore! It is easier now to find attractive designs and colours, as rain boots are becoming a fashion statement instead of only being worn on rainy days. Now that rain boots are being worn in style, we wanted to help you pair trendy outfits with your rain boots this spring! 

Our Choice: Warm Weather with Spirit Native Northwest Rain Boots
When the weather gets warmer to bare your legs to shorts, you can add a pair of sheer tights underneath. (If daring, try pattern tights to low key shorts!). Throw on your Spirit rain boots, add an amazing cute top to match, statement necklace and your go – to cardigan.

Shorts, boots, necklace, t-shirt, sweter

Our Style: Denim and Boots Kinda Day with After the Storm Native Northwest Rain Boots
When it’s a little chilly outdoors and you want to wear your denim, take our advice! Wear your favourite form fitting denim jeans with your After the Storm rain boots. For your top half, wear a colourful scarf above your springtime sweater or jacket.

Jeans, boots, purse, scarf and jacket

Our outfit: Skirts with Pacific Mist Native Northwest Rain Boots
This is a quirky outfit that will look great this season. Pair your Pacific Mist boots with high socks that reach above your boots. Your skirt, whether it be short or around knee length will look amazing with your boots and high socks match. Top off with a lace top under a jean jacket, knit scarf and you’re set!

Skirt, boots, scarf, jean jacket, umbrella