⭐️ REVIEW of Manitobah Mukluks TIPI MOCCASINS - Full Product Review of the Best Selling Moccasins ⭐️


Are you considering buying a pair of moccasin slippers, but you're not sure if you will truly love them? Maybe you want a slipper-style moccasin, and you are comparing a few different styles and brands out there to make sure that you are getting the right ones for you. Watch this video for a full product review of the Manitobah Mukluks Tipi moccasin.

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If you're looking to buy a new pair of moccasins soon, but you're wanting to know some reviews and recommendations first, then we're here to help you understand the pros and cons of the Tipi moccasin that have been given to us in reviews, and other customers that have given us feedback on this product. We've helped thousands of customers find the perfect pair of moccasins for their needs, and we listened to their reviews of these products. And now we're sharing their feedback with you. By the end of this video, you will know exactly what the benefits and drawbacks are of the Tipi moccasin. So then you can feel confident about your decision to buy them or not.

Investing in new footwear such as moccasins, can be overwhelming. You want to make sure that you are choosing a pair that satisfies your needs and exceeds your expectations. To make sure that you get the full story on how and why people's experiences are what they are, we've added a bit more context to the negatives and the positives to ensure that you get a full understanding. There are several big positives that the Tipi moccasins have, and a few negatives too. We've put together all the feedback and reviews from those with experience with the Tipi moccasins. We then organized all those reviews into pros and cons that consistently come up, so that we can help you with your moccasin purchase.

The first pro that the Tipi moccasins have is that they are insanely comfortable. Customers continually tell us how comfortable these moccasins are. There's a reason that these moccasins are close to being the highest selling moccasin in North America, or even the world. And this is simply because this is what people want, which is comfort and value. The Tipi moccasins are fleece-lined, so your toes and your feet will be comfy, cozy and toasty warm all winter long, or for however long you're wearing them for now.

Now it's time for a con. The first negative review on the Tipi moccasins is that the fur sheds. Some of our customers and other reviewers have found that the fur trim around the Tipi moccasin can get worn down over time. The cause of this is due to the constant friction and pressure of your foot and your ankle against the rabbit fur. Therefore, the general wear affects the natural fur trim around the ankle of the moccasins. It's also important to note that they are a natural material, that will naturally shed and change its composition over time.

The second pro of the Tipi moccasins is that they are flexible and stretchy. The Tipi moccasins are known to stretch almost a full size. They are so flexible and will form to the shape of your foot. The fleece lining on the Tipi moccasins are incredibly soft, and the suede material which surrounds the fleece lining is also very soft. So this creates a very flexible slipper that will form to your foot. If you normally fit a half-size, we recommend going down half-of-a-size rather than up for these moccasins, as they do stretch out. So if you're buying these as a gift for someone or for yourself, remember they will be snug at first, and then loosen up quite a bit more as you wear them. Do you guys like your moccasin slippers to be as warm as possible, or can they sometimes be too warm? Please share with us in the comments below.

The second negative review on the Tipi moccasins is that you can wear out the bottom. Unfortunately, many people have had experience completely wearing out the bottom of their Tipi moccasins. If you wear them outside in all conditions, you will wear out the bottom. If this is something that you're worried about for your new purchase of moccasins, then we'd recommend going with a hard sole alternative to the Tipi moccasins. You can either go with the Traveler moccasin that has a crepe sole, a Wakonsun moccasin that has an insanely comfortable rubber sole, or the street moccasin that is a little narrower, has a rubber sole and is a more form-fitting moccasin. Now we've looked at two pros for the Tipi moccasins, which are... one, that they're insanely comfortable. Two, that they're flexible and stretchy. As well as two cons. One, that the rabbit fur trim sheds or can get worn down. And two, that you can wear out the bottom.

The third pro of the Tipi moccasins is that they are so warm. If you don't feel like wearing socks in your house, but your feet get a little chilly, not to worry any longer. These moccasins will keep your feet cozy warm. The fleece lining really helps keep in the warmth, and the natural rabbit fur trim protects your feet from the cold as well. Even though these mocs are really warm and we've heard this as being a positive, there are also some reviews that take these moccasins' level of warmth as a negative.

So the third negative review on the Tipi moccasins is that they can quickly become too warm and make your feet sweat. So depending on how your body temperature regulates itself, you might find your feet getting hot real quick. The good thing is, most people know this about themselves before they make a moccasin purchase. The Tipi moccasins are lined with fleece, meaning that they are really warm, and they aren't the best at wicking away damp sweat that you might find your feet to be in after a while. I've personally never experienced this with my mocs. But if you are concerned about too much warmth on your feet, then this is a good thing to think about before you purchase your moccasins.

Now the fourth pro for the Tipi moccasins is their beauty for the value. A vast majority of our customers are over the moon about their moccasin purchase. They are so pleased with them, because they are simply a beautiful product. The value of what you're getting for the price of these moccasins, is really, really good, which is another reason why they are a number-one seller and beloved by so many. The suede material itself, as well as the embellishments like the fur trim and the beading, are just gorgeous. And they're perfect for showing off at your friends' houses, or just looking great and feeling great in the comfort of your own home.

Now the fourth con for the Tipi moccasins is that they can be quite slippery once the suede gets too worn. The Tipi moccasins are a soft sole moc that have suede on the bottom of them. Even though the softness of the material make the mocks so comfortable, they also make them very slippery as the bottom becomes more worn. This might not be too much of an issue if you have tile or carpeted flooring in your home, but this can be more of a problem if you have slippery hardwood floors that you are wearing your moccasins on. The soft sole suede moccasins that I've had before, after a while became very slip-slidy, which for a clumsy person, is a big problem. So depending on your home conditions and what reviews matter most to you, we hope that some of these reviews, pros and cons can help you make your decision on whether the Tipi moccasins are a right fit for you.

Now we've gone through the full product review of the Tipi moccasins by Manitobah Mukluks. In summary, the Tipi moccasins are comfortable, flexible, warm, and so beautiful. However, the fur can also get worn down over time. The bottom can get worn out. They can be too warm for comfort, and the bottoms can become quite slip-slidy. Now after watching this video, you can feel confident on your decision to invest in a pair of the Tipi moccasins by Manitoba Mukluks. Or not, depending on how important these reviews are to you.