Moccasins vs. Mukluks: When to buy, wear, and rock with your own style.

 Moccasins and mukluks are excellent choices for footwear that can be paired with a wide range of fashion choices. The traditional Native Aboriginal footwear are suitable for people of all backgrounds and personalities and are essential to anyone’s wardrobe. Moccasins and mukluks can be integrated into a wide variety of personal fashion styles and can be paired with countless outfits for a casual or chic look. While brown/tan is the classic colour of moccasins and mukluks, they are also available in several other colours. Both moccasins and mukluks are available in suede or grain leather options. Modern day moccasins and mukluks provide a stylish blend of culture and functionality as they can be worn day and night and are suitable for several occasions. For more information on the history of moccasins see our blog post titled, ‘History of the Moccasin’.



Moccasins are available with or without soles and lining which make moccasins an excellent choice for both the indoors and outdoors. If you are one to enjoy the warmth and coziness of the indoors you may be interested in a fur-lined moccasin slipper. Or, if you are known to walk out for the mail in your slippers you may be interested in a pair of moccasin slippers with a sole. There is no better time to buy a pair of indoor moccasins than now. Indoor moccasins provide comfort and style during any season.


There are a variation of styles available for those interested in outdoor moccasins for daily wear. Depending on your personality and style, you may be interested in moccasins with or without fringe and beadwork. Moccasins are available in slipper, flat, and ankle high styles. Traditional slipper and flat moccasins are generally worn during the spring, summer, and fall and can be paired with shorts, skirts, and any style of pants including jeans and leggings. Ankle moccasins are often worn in the spring and fall and make a great fashion statement when worn with long skirts, leggings, or slim-fit pants. Outdoor moccasins are best purchased nearing spring so that they can be enjoyed for several months until the winter season approaches.



Mukluks are generally worn during the cooler spring or winter months and not only provide warmth but a bold fashion statement as well. Mukluks are available with a sole suitable for the outdoors and a variety of colour options and styles. Depending on your personal style, mukluks are available with beadwork and etched designs. Tall, or original, mukluks are suitable for both country and city wear during cool seasons and are best paired with leggings and slim-fit pants to showcase the mukluk fur or patterns. Half mukluks, a shorter version of the original mukluk, are also suitable for both country and city wear while providing a sportier look. Like tall mukluks, half mukluks also make a great fashion statement when worn with leggings and slim-fit pants. Mukluks are best purchased nearing or during the winter months so that you don’t miss another day without warmth, comfort, and style.