What is my Spirit Animal

What is my Spirit Animal


Have you ever wondered if you have a spirit animal guide that can help you in your life's journey?

A spirit animal can guide you on a new path towards happiness & success! As you know Tribal Trade is all about helping people to understand and practice spiritual wellness through INDIGENOUS TEACHINGS.

If you’ve been wanting to find out what your spirit animal is, then keep on reading…

We have created a VERY SPECIFIC method (WITH 5 STEPS) to learn what the significance of spirit animals is, and how you can learn which animal is yours!

Also known as a spirit ally or animal guide, a spirit animal is characterized as a teacher or messenger that comes in the form of an animal. It is not a novelty; Native American spirit animals hold a sacred place in tribal culture.

Within any tribe, spirituality can take many forms but often emphasizes spiritual connection with the world around you. The spirit animal enhances this connection by teaching us different lessons about ourselves and our environment.

Let’s get started on those five steps - you’re probably curious as to what your animal is!

#1 What is a Spirit Animal?

‘Spirit animal’ is a word that gets thrown around a lot. But it has a lot of significance in Indigenous culture, and some of that gets lost along the way in pop culture.

A spirit animal is a teacher or a messenger that comes in the form of an animal - and this animal has a personal relationship with their person. Other names used for spirit animals are animal guides, spirit helpers, spirit allies, power animals, or animal helpers - but I personally like the term ‘spirit animals’ best!

This animal can help you along your journey of life and offer peace, guidance, and strength when you need it most, or a little bit. Each animal also has characteristics that they represent, and a person’s spirit animal typically reflects the characteristics that they value most.


#2 Here are 3 options to find your Spirit Animal

#1 - Vision Quest:
The first option to find your spirit animal is by Vision Quest. This is a journey that you take to get advice or protection, and to seek connection with your spirit animal.


#2 - Take the spirit animal quiz:
This is called ‘what is your spirit animal’ - and this quiz is 100% based on the seven grandfather indigenous teachings. Which will tell you what your spirit animal is. This is an amazing tool that I'm super excited about - because it can tell you what your spirit animal is - by answering seven quick but insightful questions!


#3 Wait for it to come to you:
Sometimes, we don’t find the answers by actively seeking them out. In some cases, the clearest answers come to us when we least expect them - as long as our minds and hearts are open and ready. This could mean in visions or dreams - different from the vision quest in #1 - but simply by waiting patiently for the spirit animal to present itself to you.

So now that you know the 3 options for finding your spirit animal

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#3 Choose one of the Options that Best Suits you in Finding your Spirit Animal

Option one - a vision quest to find your spirit animal is great if you have access to someone to help guide you on your vision quest - and if you want to venture on that journey.

Option 2 - is great for anyone who wants to learn what their spirit animal is right now.

Option 3 - is great if you would rather opt for a more passive approach to finding your spirit animal.

Since no two people are alike, no two people will take the same journey to discover their spirit animal. That’s why there are varying ways to come to this conclusion! It’s important to choose the route that feels best for you.

We're going to dive deeper into each of these ways to find your spirit animal in an upcoming video. But the one that I’ve chosen to go in detail with in the next step is the if you want the quickest and most convenient way to find out what your spirit animal is based on the Seven Grandfather Teachings!


Answer 7 quick questions to find our your spirit animal based on the 7 Grandfather Teachings?

#5 Learn what your Spirit Animal is by Reading the Results from the Quiz

This is probably the most FUN part of the entire journey! Once you take the quiz, all you have to do is read the results and get some insight on what your spirit animal is and why it’s been chosen to help you along your journey.

After you get the results from our quiz, you have the knowledge on your side to do further research on your own. Now that you know what it is, you might just start seeing your spirit animal when you’re least expecting it. Just a little sign from the universe to let you know that you’re supported!

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