How to Make Contact With Your Spirit Guides

How to Make Contact With Your Spirit Guides

How do you connect with your spirit guides?

Is it something you’ve done before - or is this something completely new to you?

If you’re interested in knowing how to make contact, keep reading. I’ve got some helpful tips.


WSpirit guides aren’t located in one specific place. Instead, they’re in all sorts of living things that are all around us - every day, all the time - and they’re a very important part of indigenous spirituality as a whole.

As indigenous people, we believe that everything has a spirit and that everything is connected. Meaning, it is very possible for you to find this connection with your spirit guides that I’m talking about.

It’s not always easy, though. Sometimes, connecting with the spirit guides around you proves to be more difficult than you imagined, and it varies for everyone.

Spirits don’t exist in the physical world, or on the same plane that we do - instead, they exist in the spiritual world. And even though these two worlds are interconnected, it takes practice and awareness to be able to feel something, attune to what you’re feeling, and interact with that spirit.

#1 The first step in how to make contact with your spirit guides is by creating a sacred space for yourself.

When you’re creating a sacred space, it’s so important to prioritize your own comfort. Find a place where you feel the most love and the most light, because this is a place where you’ll inevitably be the most connected to the spiritual plane. When you’re at peace, your energy is at peace, and it makes communication and connection that much easier.

Think of it like you’re creating a sanctuary just for you. What makes you feel calm? Low light, solitude, and peaceful music? A bright room with sunlight streaming in? Everyone’s sacred space will look different - and that’s a good thing.


#2 The second step in how to make contact with your spirit guides is to become present.

Becoming present is so important, because being present means that you’re aware of your surroundings. It also means that you’re aware of the energy that you’re sending out, along with what type of energy that you’re welcoming.

Remove any expectations that you may have for yourself during this process. Once expectations become part of the equation, they lead to feeling pressure. And if you feel pressured and under a certain amount of scrutiny that you HAVE to make contact with your spirit guides and it has to happen NOW… it’s probably not going to happen at all.

The process should feel natural, and be natural.

Sold out

Sold out

#3 The third step in how to make contact with your spirit guide is to ground yourself.

Grounding yourself means to encourage a connection with all living things. This is such an important part of indigenous culture, and it will put you that much closer to making contact with your spirit guides. Forming a connection with all living things teaches your body and your soul to form even further connections as well, like those made with your spirit guide.

There are plenty of ways that you can ground yourself. You can work on this by smudging, meditating, or taking a bath. There are really countless ways that you can ground yourself - and once again, everyone’s way of doing this looks different.

Just incorporate any natural elements that you feel an affinity towards, and find a place that you feel a strong connection to yourself. By finding these centering aspects of being grounded, you’re on your way to making a connection with your spirit guide.


#4 The fourth step in how to make contact with your spirit guide is to talk to the Creator.

The Creator is there for you if you need help moving throughout this process. You can reach out to them and specify an ancestor or a certain spirit that you want to connect with, in order to make the bond of communication stronger.

If what appeals to you is pinpointing a specific spirit, then bringing them up with the Creator is a good idea. But that route doesn’t apply to everyone. It’s also possible to be open to all communication, so that any spirits that want to send you guidance are able to do so.

Making your intentions clear with the Creator on what you’re looking for as you seek out this connection can only help you along your journey.

#5 The fifth step in how to make contact with your spirit guide is to return to your inner focus.

Self connection is the most important spirit connection that we can have. The way that you connect to the spirit world around you is through yourself and your own spirit, so the self connection is the connection that you need to be most aware of and nurture with the most care.

If you’re not at your best - physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually - then you have no foundation to base the rest of your connections on. That’s why it’s so important to safeguard and continue to nourish your self connection.

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