How to Use Sage to Purify Your Home 🏠

How to Use Sage to Purify Your Home 🏠

Did you know you can use sage to purify your home?

Do you want to smudge your house but don't know how exactly to use sage in order to get rid of negative or old energy and attract the positive vibes you're looking for?

This process is known as smudging and today we’re going to share the 6 easy steps you can follow to use sage to purify YOUR home.

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Indigenous peoples from all over the world have used sage for hundreds of years.

But why is sage so important?

In the indigenous culture, sage is one of the four sacred medicines – gifts given by the Creator that have helped connect Indigenous people with nature and with their culture for generations.

Using sage to purify your home has become popular among all kinds of people.

That’s because sage can remove bacteria from the air, improve focus and intuition, purify objects or rooms, and even improve mood and reduce stress and anxiety.

Whether you’re looking to re-energize your space, cleanse it of negative energy, or just need a fresh start, sage can be a great way to alter the energy of your home.

You might do this after a fight or an argument, when you move into a new home, or when you’re feeling stuck or unfocused. But, those are just a few examples. People smudge with sage for MANY reasons.

If you’re ready to use sage to purify YOUR home, but you’re not sure how to get started, all you have to do is follow these SIX SIMPLE STEPS:

The first step to use sage to purify your home is to prepare yourself, your space, and your medicines

Part of the process of smudging is also making sure you are READY both physically and mentally!

First, ensure you have all the MATERIALS you need to smudge. You can smudge using a smudge stick or loose leaf sage in a fire safe bowl.

If you’d like to practice a traditional smudging ceremony, you can also use a feather and an abalone shell.

Once your materials are ready, ensure your SPACE is AS CLEAR AS POSSIBLE so that you can easily move through the space. Keep clutter out of doorways and other passageways. OPEN A WINDOW or two to allow for maximum airflow.

Finally, try to be as CLEAR AND PRESENT as possible. Clear your mind and really FOCUS on the process so that you can be open to receiving NEW, POSITIVE ENERGY!

If you want to know more about other Sacred Medicines that you can also use, check out this article about Indigenous Sacred Medicines.

The second step for using sage to purify your home is to set your intentions and goals for smudging your house

Once you’ve cleared your mind, it’s time to set your intentions and goals for smudging.

That means focusing on what you are looking to GAIN OR EXPERIENCE during your SMUDGING CEREMONY.

Are you trying to cleanse your space after a fight? Are you wanting to prepare a space for your arrival after you just moved in?

Ser your intentions in order to get the most out of your smudging ceremony. When you are CLEAR AND FOCUSED on your GOALS AND INTENTIONS, it can help invite in the good energy you are looking for!

If you want to know more about how you can set your intentions and what to say when smudging, check out this article about how you can create your own smudge prayer.

The third step for purifying your home using sage is to light your smudge stick or bundle

The next step is to carefully light your smudge stick or bundle.

If you are using a SMUDGE STICK, you can check out this article with easy-to-follow instructions about how to use it!

Light your SMUDGE STICK OR BUNDLE and let the flame naturally grow until it creates a STEADY STREAM OF SMOKE.

New to smudging? Download our Sacred Medicines & Smudging guide below!


The fourth step for using sage to purify your home is to cleanse your feather and smudge yourself

Once your smudge stick or bundle is lit, the first step is to cleanse your feather and then yourself.

Gently waft the smoke using your feather and then move the smoke toward you and over your body using the feather.

If you’re not sure what kind of feather to use, check out THIS article to help you choose the right smudging feather for your smudging ceremony.

The fifth step for using sage to purify your home is to smudge the room you’re in

Once you have cleansed your feather and yourself, it’s time to smudge the room you are in.

You can move around the room in whatever way you choose, but some options include moving around the room clockwise or starting from the doors and windows and moving into the center of the room.

If you want, you can leave your doors and windows open for maximum airflow and to help energy enter and exit your space.

These are the entrances to the room, so this is the place where energy flows in and out of our space. This is why it helps to pay special attention to the doors and windows.

Focus on one room at a time or move through your home if you want to purify your entire house.

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The sixth and final step for purifying your home using sage is to let the smudge burn out on its own.

Once you have fully smudged your space and are ready to finish the process, it’s important to let the smudge burn out on its own.

This lets you know that the ceremony is complete and lets the negative or stale energy completely exit your space.

Once the smudge burns out, your ceremony is complete.

Congratulations – you’ve purified your home using sage!

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