How to feel HAPPIER using Indigenous teachings (AND MORE RESILIENT)

How to feel HAPPIER using Indigenous teachings (AND MORE RESILIENT)

Have you ever considered utilizing INDIGENOUS TEACHINGS to help enrich your life and feel happier?

One of the guiding foundations of Indigenous Culture are the 7 Grandfather Teachings: Wisdom, Love, Respect, Bravery, Honesty, Humility, and Truth.

We can use these teachings to think about our place in the world, how we connect with others, and what we find important.
When we focus on these teachings, it often helps us to find happiness in each area of our lives.

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With the 7 Grandfather Teachings in mind, there are a variety of ways this and other Indigenous teachings can help you feel HAPPIER.

Keep reading to find out SIX WAYS you can become more resilient when dealing with stress, hardships, and trauma by utilizing Indigenous teachings – and, ultimately, live a happier life.

#1 Connect With Your Community

Even if it’s online, having a community is important. Love is one of the 7 Grandfather Teachings, highlighting how important it is for everyone to feel loved and supported in their daily lives.

It’s natural to want a community. And feeling in touch with that community can not only improve your mood, but help you feel more resilient in the face of hardship, knowing that you have people to support you.

You can reach out to a friend or family member or even join an online community.

If you’re looking for a community to join, check out the Tribal Teachings Facebook group – a safe space to connect with other people looking to learn more about Indigenous teachings!



Tribal Teachings is safe & inclusive community for people to share, connect, and celebrate their personal journey's with Indigenous cultural teachings.


#2 Remember That Suffering Doesn’t Discriminate

Everyone has problems and things that they deal with. You are not alone.

Try practicing humility by changing your perspective from “why me?” to “why not me?”

This helps you stay humble and express gratitude for all that you have and the good times that you have experienced – and expressing gratitude is one of the key components of being happier.

While facing hardship is never easy, it is proven to make you stronger. And you can feel comforted knowing that bad things happen to everyone, but the key is knowing how to handle those bad things.

And, many times, challenges are what connect us to others in an even deeper way – so you might find that struggle or hardship brings you closer to your community.


#3 Identify What Serves You And Where To Invest Your Energy

Try asking yourself, “Where is my energy going and is it serving me?”

Too often, we invest energy in things that do not serve us – and where our focus goes, energy flows.

So, if you are focusing on or investing energy in negative things or things that bring you unhappiness, that is the energy you will get back.

Are your thoughts making you feel better or worse? Are your actions leading to something better? What would your life look like if you continued on as you are right now, without ever making a change? Is the outcome good or bad?

Take some time to determine how the energy you’re putting into your thoughts and actions are determining how your life is unfolding.

What changes can you make to guide your life toward something better?

When we are honest with ourselves by taking responsibility for our own thoughts and actions, the path to happiness becomes much clearer. When we do this, it makes us much stronger, more resilient people.

#4 Know The Difference Between What You Can Control And What You Can’t

Knowing and acknowledging the difference between what you can and can't control is the ultimate wisdom.

Carefully evaluate what you cannot control and do your best to let go of your desire to control it.

You can use mantras for yourself to remind your subconscious self to let go of or release the things you can’t control.

This is as simple as silently reminding yourself, “I can’t control that” or “I’m not going to spend my energy trying to control what I can’t.”

By letting go of what you CAN’T control, you’ll actually GAIN control over more areas of life, making you happier and more resilient when faced with things you can’t control.


#5 Use Intentional Gratitude Practices Like Smudging

Smudging is an amazing way to help you connect with your spiritual being. Not only that, but the medicinal properties can calm your stressful emotions.

It can be extremely helpful to focus on gratitude while you are smudging, as it will help you focus on positive energy and help you feel stronger.

Participating in mindfulness practices like smudging is showing respect for yourself. It means you’re acknowledging you need time to be with yourself, connect with your spiritual being, and restore your energy.

These are all acts of gratitude, positivity, and love – and when you put that energy out into the universe, you get it back!

Being mindful and grateful is one of the best ways to feel happier, stronger, and more fulfilled.

If you need help getting started with smudging, check out our FREE Smudging Guide below 👇🏽


#6 Sign Up For Resiliency Week

Finally, if you want help feeling more resilient and happy, you can sign up for RESILIENCY WEEK!

Resiliency Week is a 7-day free online event for achieving higher resiliency using Indigenous teachings – just like we’ve discussed in this article.

You’ll receive proven techniques to attract abundance and positivity, as well as build stronger resiliency using Indigenous teachings and focusing on personal wellness.

You’ll get things like resiliency tools, worksheets, and journal prompts and access to an exclusive Facebook community where you’ll be able to connect with supportive people who are on the same journey.

And, there will be special prizes and giveaways along the way!

Taking the first step to change your life and become happier and more resilient is an act of bravery. It takes courage to identify areas for improvement.

Whether you’re ready for a complete overhaul of your life, just want to learn ways to make your day-to-day experience happier and healthier, or are ready to engage more fully with YOUR TRUTH, Resiliency Week is a great place to start.

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