How Do You Acquire a Smudging Bundle?

How Do You Acquire a Smudging Bundle?


How you acquire a smudging bundle depends on how personal you would like the bundle to be. The simplest way is to buy your own smudging bundle, but with time and diligence, you can also compile your own! There are several basic ways to acquire a smudging bundle.


Buy a smudge kit


This is the fastest and easiest way to obtain a smudging bundle. This is the best method if you are looking to get started right away or do not have the time or resources to assemble your own kit. 

This is a perfectly acceptable way to acquire a smudging bundle, but does not have the personal touch of assembling your own kit, so this method might not be best for those who wish for a more personal, meaningful, or intentional smudging process from start to finish.

If you’re excited to get started right away, you can buy your very own smudging bundle at Tribal Tr Co and start smudging immediately!

Pros: Quick, easy

Cons: Less personal and/or unique


Receive bundle items as gifts


If you prefer to start slowly and thoughtfully and don’t mind receiving the items over time, you can communicate with your network that you intend to start smudging. This establishes intention for both you and your community, which can make the smudging process even more focused and successful.

If your network knows you intend to start smudging, they might think to purchase the items you need as a gift. Individual items or full kits are available for purchase.

Alternatively, sometimes an elder will give smudging kits to individuals looking to get started. If there is an elder in your community who you can communicate with about your intention to start smudging, they might be able to help you, which will ensure you are getting the necessary materials from a reliable and respectful source.

If you’re wanting to start smudging immediately, this might not be the best choice for you, as it will take some time to receive all of the items you need.

Pros: Meaningful, personal, elaborates on the process

Cons: Takes more time

smudging-guide-ctaCollect personal items over time


If you prefer to assemble the materials yourself, you can do so over time by gathering meaningful items that are purposeful for smudging or other ceremonies. 

If you prefer to set your own intentions and strategies for smudging, this is a great way to get started. This will allow you to truly reflect on each item and imbue each item with meaning, which will help you focus on your smudging journey.

You can find items at stores, out in nature, or passed down from friends, family, and community members. 

This method also involves extra time commitment, so it might not be best for those looking to start smudging immediately.

Pros: Meaningful, personal, adds to the journey, allows for reflection

Cons: Takes more time, need to locate each individual item

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