Attract Positive Energy with Indigenous Teachings

Attract Positive Energy with Indigenous Teachings

Are you struggling with getting rid of negativity?

There are many ways you can attract positive energy using Indigenous teachings. If that sounds good to you, then by the end of this article, you’ll know exactly how you can avoid this mistake when using Indigenous teachings to attract positive energy

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There are 3 big mistakes when using Indigenous teachings to attract positive energy and they are:

  • Having Unclear INTENTIONS for Re-connecting, Smudging, or any other practise
  • Not valuing the importance of balance, or knowing how to regain balance
  • Not practicing with enough thoughts & feelings of gratitude

In today's article, we are going to focus on practicing with enough thoughts & feelings of gratitude and to not focus on negativity.

So, let’s get into it!

First, let’s talk about what we mean by negativity

Some of our negative emotions that we're talking about are:

  • Anger
  • Frustration
  • Loneliness
  • Anxiety
  • Inadequacy
  • Depression
  • Guilt
  • Emptiness
  • Helplessness
  • Fear
  • Jealousy
  • Aggression

These are some of the big negative emotions that people are feeling and if you can't escape them, what do you do?

The First reason why it’s so hard to escape negativity is that you think about how you can't escape negativity.

I want to talk about why it's so hard to escape negativity. This is important to understand so that we can get to the root of why this is happening. Why is it so hard to escape negative energy?

The first reason is that your thoughts create your feelings.

In the Medicine Wheel teachings we talked about how connected our four states of being are.

When your thoughts are creating your feelings it becomes harder to escape them. Your feelings are connected to your thoughts continuously.

If you're thinking negative thoughts and how you can't escape from them, you're not going to feel good.

Your thoughts create your feelings. When you feel super negative, it's going to be hard to get out of that feeling. You may not be able to escape it. Your feelings are connected to your physical self. That's the first reason.

The Second reason why it’s so hard to escape negativity is because your thoughts multiply and create more thoughts like it.

When we think about a past negative experience our mind is naturally going to dive deeper into specific memories surrounding negativity.

We then start to compare negative memories and ask ourselves which was worse? We may have a million thoughts and a million examples of situations that are fresh in our minds about negativity that can make it even deeper and more difficult to escape from.

That's the second reason why it's hard to escape negativity.

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The Third reason why it’s so hard to escape negativity is because your environment is likely negative and you can't escape from it

If you're often having negative thoughts and feelings, you're likely living in a negative environment.

This could be your home, your family or your workplace. The general vibe or energy that you're feeling is likely not positive if you're even thinking about this.

Unfortunately this is a really common thing. If your environment is predominantly positive, you likely aren't experiencing negative energy that you can't escape from. That's the third reason why it's so hard to escape it.

The Fourth reason why it’s so hard to escape negativity is that: Negativity is louder than positivity.

Negative voices are louder than positive voices. This is called the negative bias.

Negative emotions are more intense than positive emotions. This is why we feel stronger about removing pain than we do about attracting positivity.

In psychology studies, for example, we talk about the motivator for avoiding pain being stronger than the motivation to seek pleasure.

As protection to keep ourselves alive throughout evolution, we don't, for example, touch fire or else your hands are going to get burned. This is a way to protect yourself. Avoiding an encounter with a lion because you saw a lion kill someone else yesterday is another example of this. It comes back to life during caveman days. This is what the negativity bias is.

Every passing experience that we've had as human beings has grown this protective measure in our brains to prevent us from doing things in a strong way that are negative or harmful.

When anything is negative, it is going to stand out in our minds much louder than positive things. That can help us to have a firm understanding.


Now we know why it's so hard to escape negativity. When you're trying to move on from this there are some areas that you might get stuck in if your thoughts are affecting your emotional or physical states.

If you're feeling the physical effects of the negativity in your life, you’ve reached an extreme level.

How do we fix this in order to attract positive energy?

The first step in escaping negativity is by Identifying places where you might get stuck.

If you get stuck in feeling physical effects of negativity you might require some physical troubleshooting, like exercise.

Another place that you might get stuck is when your environment's negative and you can't really change it. If your environment is really negative, you likely need to create new influences and new circles for yourself to interact in more positive ways. If you have people in your life that are super negative, you might need to spend less time with them if you want to see any real changes in your own positive outlook on life.

Another place that you may get stuck in would be having someone else in your life that is also surrounding themselves with negativity. They could be having a hard time if they don't have enough strong reasons to change their attitude. If they're entitled and they don't have any motivation to seek positive change, then this is another place you could end up stuck in as well.

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The second and most important step in escaping negativity is to implement gratitude practices

Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude, and here's why. What does gratitude do for you?

It's impossible to be grateful and experience negative feelings at the same time. If you're really focusing on what you're grateful for and what you're thankful for, you can't feel those negative energies and the negative feelings at the same time. It's impossible.

We've got our negative emotions spectrum, which is suffering, fear. We went over what some of the negative emotions are and our positive emotion spectrum. If you're experiencing negative emotions versus positive emotions, at the very top of the spectrum, the most powerful positive emotion is gratitude. Other positive emotions are love, joy, hope, and being content. Gratitude is the king of the castle. Gratitude is the strongest positive emotion if you're wanting to pull out the big guns and counteract any negative spirals that you're getting into. Gratitude can always be the answer.

Why is gratitude so powerful? It helps you feel the most positive emotions in general because it is at the top of the positive emotion spektrum. It will help you relish those good experiences that you're having and it can improve your health. It's been scientifically proven that gratitude can help you to improve your physical overall health. Gratitude can help you deal with adversity when challenges come your way, to build strong relationships, being grateful for the people in your life that you love, and build on those relationships that you have by being grateful and thankful for them.

Gratitude builds resilience!

Gratitude is so powerful because it helps us see the positive things in our lives. It helps us to replace those pessimistic thoughts, fight the negative feelings and rebuild them with optimistic thoughts. Gratitude helps us accept our present situation. Staying grounded in the present situation, even if it's a harsh reality, can help us accept our present situation. It can help us to identify and focus only on solutions.

Gratitude helps us to maintain good health by regulating our metabolic function and to control our hormonal imbalances.

Finally, gratitude can also help us sustain relationships and appreciate the people who are there for us. As a result, we're going to feel more loved, more cared for, and more hopeful for future relationships too.

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