A Quick-Start to Smudging:

Step 1
What's inside a bundle?

Smudge bundle includes: sage, abalone shell, smudging feather, other sacred medicines & significant items.
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Step 2
Set clear intentions for your smudge
What are intentions?
Set a goal, or an aim for your smudge, and be sure to focus on your intention for smudging in the first place.
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Step 3
Light your medicine & smudge yourself
How do I smudge myself?
First smudge your feather, then your head, eyes, ears, mouth, heart, and body to cleanse it from negativity.
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Step 4
Start smudging with your prayer:
How do I use this smudge prayer?

Use the following prayer to speak either in your head or out loud. Feel free to add to this prayer to make it your own and feel the energy you want to attract.

A short & sweet ritualistic smudge prayer

I’m thankful for another day of life.

Thank you creator for giving me these precious gifts all around me.

I am grateful for the sacred medicines that you have given us to cleanse, to heal, to communicate with you and all other spirits and creation.

Help us not to forget to thank you everyday, for all the blessings that we get.

Help us be kind to one another, creator.

To every person we meet, help us not hold negative thoughts about them, even if they do us wrong, or we think they do us wrong.

Give us strength to do what we must do, and help us to help one another.

May I be open to hear the good and allow any negatives to not be heard.

I cleanse my heart so that I may be filled with compassion and gratitude.

May my heart be in truth and grow with joy.