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Indigenous Ally

Indigenous Sacred Medicines

What does being an Indigenous ally mean?

Being an ally is all about LISTENING and LEARNING. The people you are supporting have something to teach you and it is YOUR responsibility to listen to them! THAT’S how to get started. Listen. Learn. Be open to ideas, views, and perspectives outside your own.

Why is learning important as an ally?

Learning demonstrates that you seek to honor the culture instead of taking advantage of it OR twist it into something that makes it mass marketable.

How do I support Indigenbous people and communities?

“Support” comes in many forms and can be different for everyone, depending on the needs of the community and the capacity of those seeking to lend a hand. See MORE ways on how you can support Indigenous peoples.

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What is Cultural Appropriation?

What is Cultural Appropriation?

Cultural appropriation is when someone takes elements of a culture that is not their own and remakes or reduces it into a trend, stereotype, or pop culture item.

What can I do to avoid cultural appropriation?

Learn and listen to your instincts. If something feels like it is blatantly taking advantage of another person’s culture, it probably is.

Is it cultural appropriation to practice Indigenous ceremonies/practices?

The teachings of our elders tell us that culture is meant to be shared and celebrated. However, as a non-native individual, it is your responsibility to be respectful, acknowledge the origin of the culture, and understand its importance.

Is it possible to practice and appreciate indigenous cultural and spiritual practices without disrespecting them?

it is possible to appreciate Indigenous culture without perpetuating harmful stereotypes or prejudices. Do your research, be mindful, and strive to celebrate Indigenous people and their traditions in a way that is culturally conscious.

Can non-Indigenous people learn & participate?

Can non-Indigenous people learn & participate?

Yes absolutely! A lot of connecting with Indigenous Communities actually has nothing to do with the community and everything to do with YOU! It’s your job to be as educated, aware, and supportive as you can be.

why do i need intentions for participating?

If you are clear about your intentions, it will help you identify the conversations, people, and traditions that are best for you to connect with in order to accomplish your goals as an Indigenous ally.

Why is communicating my intentions important?

Any time you are communicating with a new person, It can be helpful to clearly communicate your intentions in order to demonstrate respect. Making your intentions clear allows the other person to set boundaries and know what to expect out of your conversation.