How to Smudge

with Sage

How to Smudge

with Sage

How do I smudge with sage?

Smudging with sage is pretty straightforward, but there are 5 simple steps you can follow to burn your sage effectively and efficiently that will help your smudge be more successful!


Though it’s possible to burn a smudge stick like a torch, taking your sage bundle apart will allow the air to penetrate the sage, allowing for a stronger, more potent burn, see this to learn more about how to utilize your sage.

How do i make my sage burn better?

Some elders say that crushing your sage leaves activates the sage’s natural healing powers. Crush it between your hands to break the sage apart and allow the air to flow through it.

where should i Place my unused sage?

If you place your sage in a pouch, the essence of it can permeate a room and provide a natural and effective aromatherapy.

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what materials should I prepare for smudging?

Your smudging materials are called your “bundle” or can sometimes be referred to as a smudge kit or medicine bag. A smudging bundle traditionally includes an abalone shell, matches, tobacco, an eagle feather, and your choice of smudging medicine -- sage, cedar, or sweetgrass.

How do i start the smudging process?

To start smudging, you need to prepare your materials or “smudge kit”, then you light your medicine by setting a match to the bundle, fan the smoke toward you to allow the medicine to cleanse and purify everything it touches, fan the smoke around the room, and let the medicine burn out on its own. see this to learn more about the smudging process.

what should i say when smudging?

If you want a personalized smudge prayer, answer 7 quick questions and we'll give you a personalized smudge prayer so you will know exactly what to say when you're smudging with sage.

Who can smudge with sage?

Can non-indigenous people smudge?

Yes, smudging with sage is perfectly acceptable for those who do not come from Indigenous, Native American, background. This article explains why!

Is smudging cultural appropriation?

What’s the difference between Indigenous smudging and “trendy” smudging?

The key differences between trendy smudging and Indigenous smudging are their purpose, protocol, your smudge prayer, and the sacred medicines that you use.

Can I smudge if i'm not native american?

Anyone is allowed to smudge with sage. See how to start a smudge circle with your family and friends [HERE].

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what are the most common smudging problems?

If you’re struggling to see results from your smudging routine, there are few very common issues that you can easily troubleshoot on your own. SOme of the most common smudging problems are not setting intentions, you are asking for something you don't need, you are not smudging consistently, and you are not focusing on yourself. See this to learn more about how you can troubleshoot these mistakes.

why do i need to set my intentions

Smudging is all about intention. You will see results based on the intention you set.

how often should i smudge?

Smudging should be a part of your routine. Smudging regularly reinforces our intentions and guides our focus, energy, or clarity.

why is focusing on my intentions important?

Self awareness is not only a valuable Indigenous teaching, but a crucial part of the smudging process. Being present in the moment and in tune with your needs is pivotal to getting the most out of the smudging experience.