SMUDGING PRAYER - How to smudge with sage (What to SAY when smudging!)



SMUDGING PRAYER - How to smudge with sage (What to SAY when smudging!) //

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Are you looking for an example smudging prayer? What do you say when you are smudge with sage? Smudging your home, or learning how to smudge with sage is very important to the indigenous culture. There are many ways to smudge, and what to say depending on your intentions. Smudging with intention is necessary in order to accomplish your goals during your smudge. Smudge prayer is always different depending on what you want to heal and what you are trying to do with your smudging prayer. Always ask what are your smudging intentions? When smudging your home, you may be wondering how to smudge with sage. Smudging with sage, or how to smudge your house can be learned in many of our videos, and specifically smudging with intention, and how to smudge your house, or smudging for beginners. How to smudge with intention, or what to say when smudging is very important. Indigenous smudging is a little bit different as the cultural teachings are very important to the world view of native people, and our indigenous ceremonial protocol. In the example in this video, we talk about smudging to feel better, smudging to feel positive, and smudging to feel happy. This indigenous smudge prayer is a beautiful teaching that will hopefully help you find your personal power 💪🏼 🔥